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bulls-i was rated Korea's #1 Vehicle Drive Recorder in 2012. 
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Bulls-i Manufacturered by Ethertek
Drive Recorders capture your drive from your windshield. Provide safety, liability and insurance for teenagers, rental services, and vehicle owners.
Featuring bulls-i 1 inch Model Series-The unit is 4 in. long and 1 in. in diameter. As seen above, these bulls-i Vehicle Drive Recorders have a comparable diameter to that of a (U.S. Quarter). The black box recorder weighs approximately 0.50oz, making it extremely portable and easy to attach to car windshields without losing any functionality. The Black Box Drive Recorder not only records your drive Day or Night, but tracks GPS location on  using a Sirf III GPS Chip, tracks speed in Metric or MPH, can be plugged into an external monitor (ex. dashboard GPS) and used as a rear view / back up camera and finally, the bulls-i goes into Parking Surveillance mode, recording all motion disturbances and possible vandalism done to your vehicle.