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Vehicle Drive Recorders        

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Drive Recorders capture your drive from your windshield. Perfect safety, liability and insurance for teenagers, rental services, and vehicle owners.
What is a Vehicle Drive Recorder?
 As simple as it sounds, a vehicle drive recorder is a video camera, specially designed to record your driving. In today's market they are also being called car cameras or car black boxes. The concept of a vehicle drive recorder is thus very simple, the device records your drive in case of accidents and the video evidence will then secure who's at fault. That's not all these vehicle drive recorders are used for. These devices automatically enter parking surveillance mode as soon as the car motion has stopped, (The time interval from park to the mode turning on can be adjusted) thus, recording all events that happen as soon as the owner of the vehicle leaves the car vacant in a crowded parking lot, in a drive way or even just in a garage. More popular uses of vehicle drive recorders are as follows and their descriptions of "How" are listed below: Parents of Teenage Drivers, Back up and Rear View cameras,  Businesses that own and rent out vehicles (golf carts, boats, cars), In-home security, Insurance Companies, Taxi / Busing and transportation and more...